histórico da Sharewater
Early 2005

A group of students from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP) worked at the Rational Water Use Program (PURA-USP) and, given how much the program helped the University save water, realized that many of the solutions developed there could be applied to the general market. This realization, allied with other friends’ entrepreneurship, gave birth to the idea that would develop into Sharewater.

November 2005

The group took part in the event “Ser Empreendedor” hosted by the Polytechnic School’s Junior Company (Poli Júnior) with the goal of disseminating entrepreneurial culture. The future company is named and the business plan is presented and awarded with entry in the selection process of CIETEC (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Center), Latin America’s biggest technological business incubator.

Early 2006

The business plan is presented to and approved by CIETEC, and Sharewater starts its pre-incubation period.

May 2006

On May 8, 2006, Sharewater is officially founded.

September 2006

The incubation period at CIETEC begins.

Late 2006

Sharewater’s first rainwater harvesting and groundwater catchment system project for Núcleo Parque Tecnológico de São Paulo, IPEN.


Sharewater participates in the commission that developed the ABNT NBR 15.527 standard (Requisites for rainwater harvesting in urban areas), published in September 2007.


Sharewater performs its first water usage diagnostic for Du Pont’s administrative headquarters.

It develops its first prototype for a telemetry system and software for monitoring water consumption. The system was implemented for a test phase at IPEN for monitoring five water meters distributed throughout the institute.


Sharewater starts technological development of automation products for water production, reservation, and distribution systems for water utilities.


Sharewater performs production, reservation, and distribution systems automation for CAB Ambiental’s concessions in the cities of Mirassol and Palestina, São Paulo.

September 2009

Sharewater graduates from CIETEC and inaugurates its first headquarters in Pinheiros, São Paulo, São Paulo.


Sharewater performs water usage diagnostics for seven shopping malls from the Sonae Sierra Group.


Sharewater implements its first projects for sewage treatment and reuse in two Anhanguera University campi located in Porto Alegre and Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul.

Late 2010

Sharewater participates in and wins the New Ventures Brazil (NVB), a forum of sustainable companies promoted by the Center of Sustainability Studies of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (CesGV) and the World Resources Institute (WRI).


Sharewater implements its biggest project for rainwater harvesting so far, at the Federal ABC University (UFABC), with a total catchment area of 11,525m² and total reservation volume of 309,000 liters.


Sharewater implements its first urban infrastructure project: water supply, sewage collection, and surface drainage networks for a horizontal condominium called Alphasítio, located in Barueri, São Paulo. It also implemented hydraulic projects for 7 subway stations of Line 17 – Gold in São Paulo’s subway system.

April 2013

In need of a bigger headquarter, Sharewater moves to its current address, also situated in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, São Paulo, São Paulo.


Sharewater implements its biggest urban infrastructure project so far for the Santos Port (CODESP), taking part in the group of underground passage designers for Santos Perimeter Avenue; this involved adequating drainage and local sewage networks, and, for the tunnel itself, a drainage system, a fire detection and alarm system, an anti-fire system, a hydraulic project for the control and operations center building, a rainwater harvesting system, and an irrigation system for the surroundings.


Sharewater implements its first project for a grey water treatment and reuse plant for a new enterprise belonging to Esser Construction.

After developing proprietary technology, Sharewater implements an automatic and remote water consumption monitoring system at Shopping Plaza Sul in São Paulo, São Paulo.


Sharewater implements, in partnership with B&B Engineering, its biggest sanitation project so far: computer hydraulic simulation and exchange, rehabilitation, and expansion project for a network with over 1,000 km of pipes, focusing on loss control, for a major sanitation company.


Sharewater increases its presence in alternative water solutions, implementing twenty rainwater harvesting, grey water treatment and reuse, and sewage treatment and reuse projects. Prominent among these is a project for a new industrial plant for Sibelco, whose implementation was managed by Promon and the entire sewage treatment and reuse plant was projected and implemented in 45 days by Sharewater, who was also responsible for its operation.

The company starts offering a new contractual model for alternative water solutions, B.O.T. (build, operate, and transfer). It closes its first two contracts in this new model for sewage treatment and reuse with a duration of 10 years: two major shopping malls, one in Rio de Janeiro and the other in Goiânia.